How to Become a Music Producer / Ashlea's Country Album

🔑Melvin Duren, a producer and musician has been making beats since he was 16 and playing instruments since he was 4. He identifies as a Christian and his mentor Tony Jackson is a pastor (Tony Jackson) from Detroit, MI and has produced for both @ludacris & @eminem ⁣

While he loves the Pop music genre, he has produced Hip Hop and, of late, also country music for yours truly (Me! Ashlea).

✝️I’m the daughter of TWO pastors, a former #worshipleader and admittedly don’t go to church 🤷🏽‍♀️ BUT I remember people getting PISSED when a Christian/Gospel artist makes music with secular (non-Christian) artists.⁣ @kirkfranklin and @saltnpepaofficialfrom back in the day anyone?

🤷🏽‍♀️My question is WHY do only musicians have to follow this HARD LINE? Why can Christian bankers or realtors or teachers work with any faith or individual without as much heat as producers and musicians? What do you think?🗣⁣

✍🏽As Melvin’s star ⭐️ is rising, does his faith stop who can work with? Sound off in the comments👇🏽

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