Episode 8: Adulting Advice From The Son of Runaway Slaves

Our special guest for today's episode, affectionately referred to as Uncle V, is a seasoned and vivacious gentleman whose energy belies his age. As we matriculate through this thing called life as younger individuals we often haughtily overlook the experiences, contributions and wisdom possessed by those that have already had the pleasure of traversing the valley of the shadow of "adulthood". For those that would choose to adamantly quip about older generations lack of being hip due to things evolving truly cease to understand that the more things change, the more they stay the same! Knowledge is power, absolutely. Popular to contrary belief, Google is not the only reliable resource available to us to cull important knowledge from regarding our history, lessons gained through hearing the rich personal life experiences of others and myriad invaluable life hacks.

Uncle V is a walking, breathing treasure trove of stories that you'd both want and not want to hear but regardless on cue he's ready to spit em out to anyone in close proximity willing to listen. He'll tell you compelling stories such as when his parents were slaves getting away on a watermelon truck, growing up black and in poverty during the civil rights movement, why there is NO school better than his high school alma mater, how he made it a point to not stay in any place longer than three years before moving to somewhere new and what that taught him, enjoying himself way way too much while living in California working for Stevie Wonder and hastily moving back home to Jacksonville without warning to take care of his ailing mom just to name a few.  

Uncle V is a true throwback, a legendary community relic who unabashedly exemplifies agape love for his people and his community. Even after being away from his hometown and the neighborhood he grew up in for so many years, he came back and picked up seamlessly as if he had never left by looking after both the new residents and the same individuals who remained that looked out for him as he was growing up. Many argue, justifiably, that social media and technology has undeniable altered authentic social interactions and how residents view community as a whole. Whatever your view you can't debate that the "village concept" of old no longer exists and has been replaced with a more modern every man for himself mentality. However, Uncle V refuses to subscribe to that narrative and will continue to love his community and there is nothing that you can do about it.  

By: SenatorMills, Producer of Mildly Qualified Podcast