Episode 3: Would You Like a Visa With That?

My story...I was raised in The Bahamas...I was also "lucky" in that my mother gave birth to me on American soil. When she tells the story, depending on the day, it was either an afterthought or calculated. Either way, I am lucky. Lucky, because my path led me to an American college (undergraduate degree), American University (Master’s Degree), & American college (Pending Doctorate).

I have had sizable gaps between my degrees and have been able to stay in the United States and work with virtually no trouble. I take this for granted often. This episode, my friend Priscila and I, reflect on what being a "dual citizen" means. As you would expect, people want us to pick one side and if we pick the wrong side there is usually hell to pay. 

There is also the guilt. She and I both have had friends get deported. We are here and people we love are gone, another number, another family, gone. Some had no idea they were undocumented. Some came into the country under one politician and had to leave because the country changed its mind. 

So does your immigration status make you feel more or less qualified to be an adult? Depends on who you ask. I've been feeling enough pressure financially and careerwise without the added pressure of "papers". I am not special. I have citizenship by accident, not because I earned it or am special in any way. In the same regard, people being locked out aren't monsters. While a narrative of “rapist and murderers crossing borders with machetes” is an easier pill to swallow for some, it's not true. Borders are human constructs that can often lack humanity.

Watch and/or listen and let me know your thoughts.

Ashlea ArcherComment