Episode 7: Saying NO to Student Loans

Dr. Maira Martelo came to the United States with only a suitcase 13 years ago with a lot of determination but no money in her pockets. She is originally from Columbia where she was all too familiar with the burden imposed by poverty and limited options. Despite her surroundings, and her parents only having an elementary school education, she learned firsthand the value of an education, community service and of paving your own path.

Without spoiling her amazing story too much, Dr. Martelo says one of the greatest lessons she learned is building relationships with other people beyond a handshake and an email and that there is more than one way to do anything, including getting an education. She received her education with ZERO student loans and is a proud homeowner with limited debt and a strong social and professional circle. 

She details how she did this over two episodes, this one and the After Hours Showwhich posts on Thursday. Leave us a comment and a 5-star review after you have a listen. I'm sure you will find a lot of gems in this one.

Ashlea Archer