Episode 6: How to Deal With Intimidation as an Adult

Today's guest, Kristen, is a realtor in Jacksonville, FL with every reason to feel intimidated. Like too many children, her father walked out of her life at a young age and to add insult to injury her stepfather, a man she described as "wonderful" died unexpectedly. Kristen's mother was now alone with three children and limited resources so Kristen and her two brothers were sent away to the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA for children from low-income families.

Imposter Syndrome, a phrase that often makes the rounds on the internet, is loosely defined as feeling like you do not belong in a professional field or arena where you have "earned a spot." Entertainers, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, have often described feeling like an imposter in "fancy spaces," even if his/her talent brought them there.

Kristen has "networked" with men and women in tax brackets many of us only dream of and she describes how fights intimidation. How do you get comfortable in spaces that feel "too good for you"? And by the way, nothing is too good for you. Let's talk about confidence...now! Ready?

Kristen Van Riper



Comment below how you fight insecurity and intimidation in professional settings.

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