Episode 5: How Do You Recover From Losing a Child?

Who gets to decide who you get to be?

Who decides what stage you get to perform on?

When is ever okay to quit?


Our guest, GeneDotCom, is a renowned radio personality with thousands of fans spanning  national and international platforms. On paper, he is an entertainer, personality, actor, mentor, and a staple at  V101.5 in Jacksonville, FL and iHeartRadio. The “Dot” stands for “Don’t Oppress Truth” or “Doing Other Things.” He hosts some of the most sought after events and continues to grow his brand power and influence. So why is this person on a podcast called Mildly Qualified, that focuses on the challenges of maneuvering adulthood?


GeneDotCom became a father to his beautiful son as a teenager. The challenges of being a teen parent was a major factor in GeneDotCom turning down an college acceptance letter to Florida A&M University. This is the point in the story where many would have quit. To provide for his new family, Gene worked as courier which then led to a chance encounter at a radio station on his delivery route. This chance-encounter started Gene down a path that would alter his career forever and create firm roots in the radio industry. Many years of hustle, perseverance, and courage built the career that continues to grow today.


In his personal life, however, contrasting to his growing business success, his home was struck by tragedy. His only son, Desmond, was killed in a violent crime at the age of 24 years old. Less than a year after burying his son, his grandmother passed away, bringing Gene back to the same church where he laid his son to rest just seven months prior.


No parent should have to bury his/her child. The pain and confusion can feel insurmountable, but the attitude and perspective of GeneDotCom during this interview can only be described as not only resilient, but inspiring. Not only does he share his pain, openly and honestly, he shares advice and encouragement to those in similar circumstances. 


You don’t want to miss this episode! Comment with your thoughts below. Tell us how you have overcome life’s challenges and share your story with us. We would love to hear from you. 

Gene can be reached at at the following:

IG @GeneDotCom

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