Episode 4: Does Prison Makes You Less Qualified to be an Adult?

The word of the day is "recidivism." This word means the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend. Essentially, if someone gets out of jail or prison will they go back to prison, jail or both? The National Institute of Justice reports recidivism rates as high as 76% within 5 years of release, with males, African Americans and young adults having the highest rates of recidivism.


Well, if you are a business owner or a hiring manager reading this, would you hire a felon? Or even someone with a misdemeanor? I'm not judging you because every business is different.  And, of course, there are industry-specific stipulations if the offense is sex-related or violent or involves children. There are over 2 million Americans in corrections and it begs the question after they serve their time/pay their debt to society, upon release, what should happen to them?

We are speaking broadly because today's episode focuses on the amazing story of Mr. Keith Ivey, owner of Ivey League Auto Sales in Jacksonville, FL. As a young adult, he was arrested and ended up serving almost a decade of his life in prison. After release, he ended up not returning to prison but struggled tremendously with the stigma of a record and, naturally, earning back his family's trust. He had to take a hard look at his life and started reading a lot of books while incarcerated and learning about auto repair in prison and later auto sales during the prison work-release program. 

Now as a mentor he has been an advocate for voting rights of ex-criminals and being accountable for one's own life. His story has been featured on NPR and the Washington Post. You don't want to miss this episode and if you know someone with a record, please let them hear this. 

I am rooting for you and if you have made a mistake or a 100 mistakes, it is not too late to be better.

Keith Ivey
Ivey League Auto Sales
8215 103rd Street
Jacksonville, FL 32210

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