Episode 2: Jack & Jane of All Trades and Master of...?

The saying jack of all tradesdates back to the days of Robert Greene and Shakespeare (aka hundreds of years ago/ a really, really long time ago). The centuries between said phrase’s inception has not lessened the impact of those words. The full expression is “Jack of all trades and a master of none” (YIKES!). What this expression is essentially saying is you (we?) have to work in a lot of trades to compensate for the fact we haven’t mastered anything (rude?). Is it time for tissues and violins yet? 


Firstly, I think this expression is harsh (well meaning, but harsh). This is 2019, not the 1500s and we do not have pensions or clear and direct paths to promotions at (traditional) jobs as the societal norm let alone (anymore) let alone solid retirement plans (comment below if you have a 401K or IRA). So, survival in this Brave New World requires grit and a lot of jobs to keep the lights on and cellphones connected because many of these trades require ye olde cellular device (Uber, Lyft, Grub Hub, Postmates, anyone?). You may have heard this new trend in employment described as the “gig economy.” The gig economy is a little bit “odd job” sprinkled with “none of the jobs have anything to do with each other” and a dash of “the rent is too damn high.” It’s not all doom and gloombecause many creatives and entrepreneurs have found a home in this new economic wave coupled with the ubiquitous-nessof the internet compared to days gone. If you are thriving in this new world, I  applaud you. 


Then again I’m a couch-hopping homeless grad student so what do I know? Today’s guest, Joe, is a jack of all tradesbut he is no push over or lacking mastery. Like you, reader, he is relentless, has been sidetracked by life (and bad luck) and does what he has to do to survive. He is talented and gainfully employed in multiple arenas that seemingly have nothing to do with each other. Joe is a barber in Jacksonville, Florida, an actor, a singer, a nursing student and he has founded a company called Love Line Apparel (@emphasize_love on Instagram), which spreads love and awareness to those battling diseases like breast cancer and overcoming stigmas related to their communities (my LGBTQ family). Joe like many of us is a multihyphenate. We do what we have to survive and thrive at the same time. 


This episode is hilarious because neither Joe nor I believe in pity parties and sometimes bad luck is so bad that it becomes…well, funny. It did not kill you so you must be stronger. This episode is dedicated to my Jacks and Janes of all trades. You are a master in my book.

Ashlea ArcherComment