Episode 1: Adults Who Win vs Those Who Fail

My name is Ashlea and I am a failing adult (Now you say, “Hi Ashlea!”). While I began 2019 filled with promise and hope (and a man—yikes!), I currently live on my friend “Letisha’s” couch in Central Florida and I am basically unemployed. I ended 2018 as a college professor (ohhh fancy!) teaching various biology courses throughout Central Florida. I quit everything. I thought I would be starting another job involving travel and living in big cities with my then-boyfriend and having speaking engagements and giving advice to millennials and Gen Zs and being a “boss lady.” None of the above happened. Instead, my boyfriend of almost two years and I broke up (on not-so-good terms) and I, with my tail tucked between my legs, moved out of his house. I sold most of my belongings (or gave it away to whomever would take it) until I could fit everything I owned in my 2017 Jeep Cherokee. Did I mention that up until last week I was wayyy behind on my Jeep’s payments? Thank God for hardship allowances. I was honestly getting tired of parking my Jeep in different spots to avoid it getting repossessed. Did I also mention this podcast and this, this, the accompanying blog, will be raw and uncut?

I won’t lie to you, while I laugh a lot in the podcast, this crap is hard as hell. I am in the unpopular part of the Cinderella story. I am in the ashes-and-cleaning-up-after-your-stepsisters’-crap-and-sleeping-on-the-floor-of-a- home-I-don’t-own part of the story. I am in the part of the “fairytale” that most people skim over. I’m failing. There is no glass slipper or fairy godmother. There are just good friends that Cash App me money for gas when I need it or let me cry and buy me a bottle of whiskey or wine (whiskey is preferred) when I can’t even talk about how much I feel like a failure.

I am not a pushover. I am a doctoral student for Christ’s sake! I just made a really bad left turn and now I’m picking up the pieces. This episode of my new podcast, Mildly Qualified, is a (really) funny take on my current struggle, and comparing (and contrasting) it my “roommate’s” life. Also can I technically I call her a roommate if I’m not paying her (insert side eye and awkward smile emoji)? She has been great and she is giving me time to get back on my feet. And I cook a lot for her cause I am a GREAT cook (humble brag). Letisha, my #roommate, is six-figure-making fancy pants in the medical field and I am in awe of her. She is my first guest and she talks about her journey in this episode. She and I are the same age and she and I started undergraduate college and our doctoral programs at the SAME time. So, how did I end up sleeping on her couch?

Comment below with your thoughts on the episode and where you are in your journey. Is it what you imagined or do you feel like you were not prepared?

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