About Me

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Ashlea A. Archer represented Florida at this year’s Miss Black America Pageant in August where she earned the title Miss Black America, Bahamas 2018. She is originally from The Bahamas, and came to the USA for college back in 2006. She currently has her master's degree in Medical Science and is enrolled in a doctoral program in Higher Education. Professionally, she is a college professor and her discipline is the biological sciences. She has a profound respect for the human body and has had the privilege to teach anatomy and physiology courses to undergraduate college students in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Polk counties. 

Ashlea is also a public speaker and has spoken at schools and churches about her experiences in The Bahamas, and how to encourage persons from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate the educational system and overall how to persist in difficult experiences.

As a writer, Ashlea has ghostwritten children’s books, novels, short stories, and blog posts. She has serial of short stories pending publication with Forge & Flint magazine. Ashlea’s writing can also be found under the “Writing Sample” tab above. Ashlea is currently working on her debut novel.

Ashlea is also an actress and singer and headshots, samples and resume are available upon request.

Ashlea also LOVES to cook. She is a self-taught chef with a deep love of Caribbean cuisine and spices. Although she is vegetarian, she cooks a variety of dishes and adopts numerous techniques to cater to different palates. Be sure to visit the cooking gallery for some mouth-watering meals.